EMOPP to compete for MIT 2011 Clean Energy Prize 12/26/10

The MIT Clean Energy Prize was established to accelerate the pace of innovation in clean energy and to educate promising young entrepreneurs that we believe will help shape our energy future.

EMOPP Receives IT Assets from HP grant to IVEC 12/17/10

HP announced the donation of a $100,000 grant to The Idea Village, a nonprofit dedicated to identifying, supporting and retaining entrepreneurial talent in New Orleans.

Idea Village Accepts EMOPP into 2011 IVEC on 10/22/10

The Idea Village in New Orleans, LA has selected EMOPP, L.L.C. to participate in the 2011 Idea Village Entrepreneur Challenge. The Idea Village received a high volume of applications this year and the competition has been fierce, as only 8% of applicants have received this invitation. The Idea Village of New Orleans, LA also believes EMOPP, L.L.C. has the potential to create positive economic and social change in New Orleans and is proud to collaborate with EMOPP, L.L.C.

Feasibility Study Phase I Completed 9/18/10

The feasibility study phase I shear force test was an overwhelming success and places EMOPP one step closer to commercialization. Never underestimate the ingenuity of the American spirit (Louisiana, California and Mississippi engineering joint effort). Please read test summary below.

EMOPP project featured in the Advocate

EMOPP project featured on The Advocate.com (7/17/2010). Project is seeking feasibility study funding. http://www.2theadvocate.com/news/latest/98652604.html

EMOPP Proposed Feasibility Study Submitted to Engineering Review Team at LSU

EMOPP feasibility study drafted by Brandon Iglesias has been submitted to engineering review team at LSU.  EMOPP feasibility study review meeting is anticipated to be held this week. Additionally, graduate students [...]

EMOPP Weekly Update 6/20-26

EMOPP Weekly Progress Report (6/20-26): Spoke with LPB “Louisiana Public Broadcasting” on Sunday 6/20.  LPB expressed interest in featuring EMOPP in weekly and monthly show Met with MicroFund and tasked [...]

EMOPP now has Facebook Page – “EMOPP”

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EMOPP is now on Twitter – Tweet ID = “EMOPP”

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EMOPP Press Release 6/25/2010

Team of Engineers Reveals Electromagnet Oil Pipe Plugger (EMOPP), Seeks Funding from BP’s $500 Million Research Fund NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – June 25, 2010 – In the search for a [...]