EMOPP Press Release 6/25/2010

Team of Engineers Reveals Electromagnet Oil Pipe Plugger (EMOPP), Seeks Funding from BP's $500 Million Research Fund

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - June 25, 2010 - In the search for a fast way to stop a catastrophic subsea oil leak, engineers Brandon Iglesias and Joseph Kahoe have developed a technology that harnesses intense electromagnet forces to accumulate metals around an insertion probe and quickly bring oil flow to a stop.

The Electromagnet Oil Pipe Plugger (EMOPP) works similarly to the buildup of plaques in human arteries, but in this case, the plaque is metal and the artery is the damaged oil well. "The idea is to give the Deepwater Horizon Oil Pipe in the Gulf of Mexico a heart attack, then put it to sleep," says co-inventor Joseph Kahoe.

The EMOPP Team is seeking immediate funding for prototype development and detailed testing. "BP recently announced a $500 million fund for research in response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Pipe leak, and the EMOPP device should go to the head of the line for immediate funding." says Brandon Iglesias. So far $25 million of the fund has been earmarked for educational institutions, but the EMOPP team believes it is vital to fund research and development of technologies such as EMOPP to avert future crises and possibly even stop the current leak.

The technology of EMOPP has been peer-reviewed and is supported by over 100 industry professionals including petroleum engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, oil company executives and government officials.

Development of EMOPP has been ramped up in light of the Deepwater Horizon spill, and could potentially be used to stop this leak if BP's ongoing attempts fail. Additionally, the great promise of the device lies in its future use as a rapidly deployable tool in the toolkit of governments and energy companies to ensure peace of mind that a leak can be quickly killed with minimal damage to the environment.

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