EMOPP Weekly Update 6/20-26

EMOPP Weekly Progress Report (6/20-26):

  • Spoke with LPB "Louisiana Public Broadcasting" on Sunday 6/20.  LPB expressed interest in featuring EMOPP in weekly and monthly show
  • Met with MicroFund and tasked with writing up EMOPP pitch-sheet.  Pitch sheet will be written and published after feasibility study scope defined.
  • Met with select engineering professors at LSU on Monday 6/21.  Agreed to pursue EMOPP feasibility study.
  • Published engineering meeting minutes on Monday 6/21. Action item is to complete feasibility study scope - Brandon Iglesias
  • Working EMOPP feasibility study scope with expected completion on Monday 6/28.  Next step will be for engineering team at LSU to reconvene and review defined feasibility study scope prior to moving forward.
  • Initiated talks with MIT graduate students and select professors
  • Launched new EMOPP Web 2.0 Site on 6/24
  • New website features donate section to fund feasibility study

Next Week's Path Forward

  • Publish EMOPP feasibility study scope and review with engineering team at LSU
  • Identify MIT team resources available to core engineering team at LSU

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