What is an EMOPP?

EMOPP will be the driller, completion, production, and operator’s newest tool leveraging in-situ electromagnetic packed bed technology to plug oil well pipes, pipelines, and gaps in metal bodies on a rapidly deployable basis. The EMOPP devices will be integrated into existing infrastructure strategically located at key oil exploration and drilling sites throughout the world. When an oil well fails to contain reserves underground with conventional defensive technology such as mud and BOP devices EMOPP will be the first offensive weapon deployed to kill the runaway oil well.

The EMOPP tool clogs a leaking oil well from the inside out. Just like a heart attack results from clogged arteries restricting blood flow; an EMOPP clogs the annual space between casing and drill pipe or centerline using patent pending technology and trade secrets. The EMOPP well killer provides a rapid response stop-gap solution to eliminate oil and gas flowing into the environment due to a blow out or other well head incident.

EMOPP compliments the existing toolkit used by oil E&P, drilling and service corporations by providing a temporary well kill; thus providing time for traditional containment methods to be exercised while no oil or gas is leaking into the environment.

Additionally, EMOPP is a retrievable tool that may bring previously condemned wells back to life. EMOPP's alternative technology stands replace a bottom kill and provide continued development and well production.